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The room solution

2010-09-11 17:38:21 by rollman6000

Nastwich (10) - Make a sandwich with drain cleaner, the rat, and the sponge
The Johnny (10) - Order a hot chocolate, medium, from the coffee shop
Best Friend (25) - win the fistfight with Mark (day 9, party)
Bookworm (25) - read Denny's journal every day. Easiest to do it first thing
Bugged (25) - First day, go to the electronics store and buy the tape recorder, and put it behind the phone in your living room. Listen to it on days 3, 4 and 9 after the party
Destroyer (25) - Smash everything in the living room and upstairs when raging (day 9, party)
Payback (25) - Go to the bank while raging and kill your boss (day 9)
Pusher (25) - Win the pushing contest with Mark (day 9, party)
Rainmaker (25) - Track down Chris R on the race course when raging and kill him (day 9)
Runner (25) - Win the footrace with Mark
The Room (25) - When raging, punch the crack to the right of Denny's room, and enter the hole (day 9)
Perfect Drug (50) - In each fight round with Chris R., taunt/glamor first and then throw something at him with perfect aim
Quarterback (50) - Perfect pass every time
Receiver (50) - Catch the ball every time
The Machine (50) - Collect all the spoons, and it will be activated at the end of the game (below)
Unsee (50) - See 6 things that should be unseen (below)

To activate the machine, you need spoons:
1 - sinister spoon - on the skeleton in the alley
2 - stone spoon - on the ground at the left-most screen
3 - shank spoon - in the jail cell
4 - chlorophyl spoon - in the bushes in the park
5 - kitchen spoon - in the kitchen, on the table
6 - flower spoon - in the window of the flower shop
7 - A.I. spoon - on the ghetto blaster in the electronics shop
8 - time spoon - on the Delorian
9 - wood spoon - on the left tree trunk at the entrance to the park
10 - fire spoon - in the fire in Mark's room

Things that cannot be unseen:
Day 1 - go to Mark's room
Day 1 - instead of going upstairs right away when it's nap time, go to the kitchen and come back
Day 3 - after taking Denny home, go back in his room
Day 6 - after playing tuxedo football, before washing, go into Mark's room
Day 7 - after leaving the coffee shop from meeting with Mark, go back in
Day 9 - after leaving the main room for work, immediately go back in


Welcome Mercs!

2010-05-28 11:14:00 by rollman6000

This is my page, hope you learned something!


2010-05-26 17:02:04 by rollman6000

[Img] /__cb21710/common/skins/common/blank.g if[/img]

kevin bacon

2010-04-01 00:16:24 by rollman6000

He is like the bestest person ever since he was in moves lik teh air up theres and other shitz.

My FPS clan's logo.

kevin bacon

Incredibly deep review

2010-01-26 22:16:41 by rollman6000

"You were my only love, and're gone forever. What do I have to live for now?"

A veteran of many wars finally retired from duty the Medal of Honor placed upon his ragged uniform. He was still in his forties but throughout the many events he's been through and all the bloodshed he had seen, the expressions on his face made him look as if he was in his sixties.

He returned to his wife on a breezed evening in the countryside. He knocked on the wooden door and a woman opened the door. She sobbed quietly in joy as she hugged her husband. Not wanting him to go once more, she gripped his arm and asked him a promise. "Please, don't go...ever again. I need you" she said "I promise" he replied.

Three weeks later, his ex-Sergeant came by and said "We need you, one last time." He thought about what his Sergeant said, and he also remembered his promise. The call of duty awaits him, but he didn't wanted to leave, but he also didn't have a choice. He can either go or let his country crumble to ashes.

"I'll be back, this I will not fail" he said. and kissed his wife then left in the Humvee to the battlefield. His wife gave him something to memorize her; a necklace. He carried his rifle into the leaden dirt and fired wildly on hostiles.

Please, wait for me. He thought. "God bless the Americans" she prayed back home. Each day she would be waiting and starring outside her window in the bright grasslands. She never gave up hope and she knew he would come back.

A month later, his brethren knocked on her door. "He...walked away. I'm so sorry" his comrade announced. She cried and looked at the sky "Why??" The soldier took out a small packet, she opened it. The necklace was dirty and scathed but it still kept it's shape. There was a note under it. "Please, never forget me. As I will never forget you" she read.

And there is the vision I had to this song and I made up this story completely on the spot. Hope you guys liked it. Tell me how it was ^_^

-Gunfame27 on _-=Precious seconds=-_

Among the binary waste there lies beauty

Screwing my Destiny

2010-01-08 07:02:06 by rollman6000

Alright, let me tell a story. While my mom was pregnant with me, my parents went to England on vacation there they met a seer and that seer said I would be interested in the world from the perspective of Atlantis. she also gave my parents a book called "the seed bearers". After I read the book I was to return to England and see the seer once more.

Today I tried to read that book, I got six pages before my good taste kicked in. lets just say that only six pages into the book there are: 3 acts of rape several thousand acts of murder, multiple mass burials, 1 act of necrophilia (the less you know the better off you are) and the entire thing is INCREDIBLY RACIST. For the love of god people! wouldn't you at least skim a manuscript intended for your unborn son? it only makes sense to check out what someone's trying to get Junior into. It almost seems like, that this seer was some sort of Neo-nazi.


Face book

2009-12-27 19:55:30 by rollman6000

I signed up, am bored with it already.

Hold on...

2009-12-27 16:20:50 by rollman6000

I gotta take a dump

With all the running around, I don't get cold. Instead of putting on long johns, I bust out the cold-weather arsenal: Wildfire, FuryFire, Crossfire, Stormfire, Firefly, Rapid-Fire 20, Strikefire, Triple Torch, and Vulcan.

I used to have problems with seals, then I started bringing a club to wars.
- Zack the Mack on winter clothing at nerf wars.

A terrifying what if.

2009-11-23 12:36:39 by rollman6000

Found this at Photoshop Fun.

A terrifying what if.